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PlainJain Stats

1,230,328 downloads so far for the three themes.

Last version of BlackJainDim (2.6) was downloaded 157,321 times.

Holy cow.

Good news. Finally got back in touch with ste as some of you may have noticed, 2.7 IS out now. 2.8 is in the works. I’m making icons like mad and should have a BIG update for shaun ready later this week.

I’ve asked Apple what the situation will be with theme possibilities with iPhone 2.0 and got nowhere. Here’s the direct quote from John at Apple.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately I can’t comment on future capabilities of the iPhone or the iPhone SDK so most of what you’re asking for I cannot respond to.
John Geleynse
Director, Technology Evangelism
So, anyway, take that for what it’s worth.