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1,000,000 downloads… and counting

Wow. Add them all together and the PlainJain “family” of themes has been downloaded OVER a million times. You can toss in another 70,000+ for the Customize theme elements. I have no idea what to say. Thanks? Glad you like it?… mmmm…. hire me?!

Hehe, my current day job isn’t that bad but if you need a designer and the salary is right, we can talk. 🙂

Anywho, I’m just stunned by the reaction to PlainJain and I’m thrilled that so many folks seem to like it. The comments in email and on various iPhone message boards has been great. My ego has been growing daily. Here’s to more, bigger better faster versions when I get back from snowboarding in Vermont. (The Green Mountain state has been very nice to me this year, no broken bones, lots of nice snow, and the kids have had a blast.)

Take care and happy hacking all you craaazy people!


Version 2.5 Update

Lots of new icons (over 20), including the much requested BossPrefs, Othello and one for the Playstation emulator. More good news, though not linked to here through installer (odd that), PlainJainCustom (images for use with Customize, the app) are up in installer and ready to roll. They will help make your PlainJain themed iPhone seem even MORE PlainJain. Yay. Merry Xmas and Happy New Jeer!


foreign language issues with summerboard themes

It’s been a problem that a lot of folks have emailed me about. My theme assumes English as the language selected on the iPhone and therefore the default Apple sanctioned applications whose names are different on iPhones using other languages, show up with the original Apple icons for those applications. Since making alternatively named, but essentially the same, icons available would make the install package for PlainJain huge, on top of being radically incomplete because I know I’d never be able to keep up with all the various names for all the various apps in all the various languages available on the iPhone, I won’t be doing that.

As I solution I’ll direct you to my previous post on renaming icons. Figure out what the name of your app is, and rename the icons involved to match the name your language selection has applied.

The only other alternative would be to switch to English and do as I do, run without icon labels on at all.

My hope is that eventually Summerboard will add a language set of alternative names for apps that automagically redirects the UI to the English named icons in iPhones set to use another language.

Cheers all! – Matt