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My response to “5 Reasons”

Came across this on

5 Reasons Why I am not Jailbreaking My iPhone

I keep reading comments from people like this one that seem to be proselytizing for the Apple POV on jailbreaking. I don’t get it. Some people, like me, do it, did it, like it, and that’s that. It’s not like we’re trying to convince anyone that’s not comfortable with it to do it. But somehow there are people out there trying to browbeat others into staying away from the “scary hacking community”.

I’m not scary (I don’t think), and I’m not much of a hacker, jailbreaking takes about 1 minute and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or the ability to do anything beyond finding a website in Safari on the iPhone.

<shrug> Just seems like much ado about nothing.

To the points made in this particular post.
1. I should care what Apple thinks? It’s MY $400 device, not Steve Job’s. (Actually I dropped $600 on day one.) I own it. It’s mine to use as I wish.
2. I’m glad this guy is happy with what his iPhone does on it’s own. I am too, but I like having more, and I really like having it look the way I want. I end up splitting my time 50/50 in iPhone native apps, and other 3rd party apps. So that works out to half of my phone’s usability (from my POV) gone, if I don’t jailbreak.
3. I totally understand he’s scared of bricking his phone. If I wasn’t aware of ALL the risks I’d be scared too. But I know how to restore my phone if something goes wrong and I NEVER update until there’s been a new hack for the next iteration.
4. No, it’s not slow. Works fine. I don’t install EVERY new app that comes out, but I suppose if you did it might slow the system down. Same is true on any other computing platform. The more you cram on it, the more you steal away from system performance.
5. Not sure what his point is on 5. Patience? Wait to pay for apps in February that I can have for free now? I don’t get that, doesn’t compute.

Anyway, that’s my .02


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