These are zips of the latest versions of the PlainJain themes. Please don’t attempt to install these from your iPhone, they need to be installed manually through iPhoneBrowser or some similar desktop app. They are made available here for folks who want to jack around with them. Cheers!

PlainJain – 2.8

PlainJainDim – 2.8

BlackJainDim – 2.8

That’s all folks!


1 Response to “Downloads”

  1. 1 Norman
    May 6, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Are you the one putting the version of PlainJain into the new Customize 2.0 Beta? If not, plz upgrade it there also, cause it DOES that translation into german that we were talking about here several times …. its totally painless and cool, i don’t know how they do it but all icons work on my german phone, even those that i had to manually translate before each time.

    So its SUPERCOOL 😀

    work together with them plz

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