Version 2.4 Update

Hey friends and neighbors,

2.4 is out and includes some new installer app icons, some requested icons, a new AIM.png icon for use with whatever chat app you like, PLUS (by special request) the OLD wallpaper and dock images. To use them, install Mobile Finder (through the installer) on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then use it to navigate to /var/root/Library/Summerboard/Themes/PlainJain(Or PlainJainDim or BlackJainDim whichever you use). Once there you can use Finder to rename Dock.png or Wallpaper.png to something else (or delete them if you are that adamant about it), then rename Dock[ALT] or Wallpaper[ALT] to the original name of the file by deleting the [ALT] part.

Coming soon: PlainJainCustom – Custom images for use with Customize. To make your iPhone even more PlainJain.

Cheers and peace out hommies.

^If you could see my face that would be even funnier.


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