version 2.8

I’ve sent version 2.8 off to ste, when he gets around to it you’ll be able to install it through installer. In the meantime, if you’re just raring to go you can download it manually through the downloads page, link at top of site, and have at it yourself.

There are 45 new icons in this version.

Reply here if I missed one of your request icons and I’ll work on them for 2.9.


PlainJain Stats

1,230,328 downloads so far for the three themes.

Last version of BlackJainDim (2.6) was downloaded 157,321 times.

Holy cow.

Good news. Finally got back in touch with ste as some of you may have noticed, 2.7 IS out now. 2.8 is in the works. I’m making icons like mad and should have a BIG update for shaun ready later this week.

I’ve asked Apple what the situation will be with theme possibilities with iPhone 2.0 and got nowhere. Here’s the direct quote from John at Apple.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately I can’t comment on future capabilities of the iPhone or the iPhone SDK so most of what you’re asking for I cannot respond to.
John Geleynse
Director, Technology Evangelism
So, anyway, take that for what it’s worth.

Back at it!

I’m back from my adventures in real life and have sent in an update to the PlainJain family of themes. Not big, just a few new icons, but I’m in the process of taking requests for 2.8.

Shout em out peeps!


1,000,000 downloads… and counting

Wow. Add them all together and the PlainJain “family” of themes has been downloaded OVER a million times. You can toss in another 70,000+ for the Customize theme elements. I have no idea what to say. Thanks? Glad you like it?… mmmm…. hire me?!

Hehe, my current day job isn’t that bad but if you need a designer and the salary is right, we can talk. 🙂

Anywho, I’m just stunned by the reaction to PlainJain and I’m thrilled that so many folks seem to like it. The comments in email and on various iPhone message boards has been great. My ego has been growing daily. Here’s to more, bigger better faster versions when I get back from snowboarding in Vermont. (The Green Mountain state has been very nice to me this year, no broken bones, lots of nice snow, and the kids have had a blast.)

Take care and happy hacking all you craaazy people!


Version 2.6 Update

Added 30 icons just in time for 1.1.3. Hehe, anywho, headed to Vermont to do some snowboarding so I’ll see you no earlier than 3 weeks down the road.


My response to “5 Reasons”

Came across this on Digg.com

5 Reasons Why I am not Jailbreaking My iPhone

I keep reading comments from people like this one that seem to be proselytizing for the Apple POV on jailbreaking. I don’t get it. Some people, like me, do it, did it, like it, and that’s that. It’s not like we’re trying to convince anyone that’s not comfortable with it to do it. But somehow there are people out there trying to browbeat others into staying away from the “scary hacking community”.

I’m not scary (I don’t think), and I’m not much of a hacker, jailbreaking takes about 1 minute and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or the ability to do anything beyond finding a website in Safari on the iPhone.

<shrug> Just seems like much ado about nothing.

To the points made in this particular post.
1. I should care what Apple thinks? It’s MY $400 device, not Steve Job’s. (Actually I dropped $600 on day one.) I own it. It’s mine to use as I wish.
2. I’m glad this guy is happy with what his iPhone does on it’s own. I am too, but I like having more, and I really like having it look the way I want. I end up splitting my time 50/50 in iPhone native apps, and other 3rd party apps. So that works out to half of my phone’s usability (from my POV) gone, if I don’t jailbreak.
3. I totally understand he’s scared of bricking his phone. If I wasn’t aware of ALL the risks I’d be scared too. But I know how to restore my phone if something goes wrong and I NEVER update until there’s been a new hack for the next iteration.
4. No, it’s not slow. Works fine. I don’t install EVERY new app that comes out, but I suppose if you did it might slow the system down. Same is true on any other computing platform. The more you cram on it, the more you steal away from system performance.
5. Not sure what his point is on 5. Patience? Wait to pay for apps in February that I can have for free now? I don’t get that, doesn’t compute.

Anyway, that’s my .02


Version 2.5 Update

Lots of new icons (over 20), including the much requested BossPrefs, Othello and one for the Playstation emulator. More good news, though not linked to here through installer (odd that), PlainJainCustom (images for use with Customize, the app) are up in installer and ready to roll. They will help make your PlainJain themed iPhone seem even MORE PlainJain. Yay. Merry Xmas and Happy New Jeer!

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